Sunday, January 21, 2007


Anemonefish have always been one of my favourite underwater subjects. Their bright colours and lively nature makes them so eye-catching. As an underwater photographer, they can be one's worst nightmare as well, since they move about so quickly it is very challenging to get a good image of them. However, with a lot of practice and much patience, it is possible to capture their beauty. These fish rarely stray far from their "homes", which are actually another animal, called anemones. While anemones are animals, they are often mistaken to be some sort of underwater plant. The anemonefish keep predators and parasites of the anemone at bay, while the anemones stinging cells provide protection and a safe home for the anemonefish. This is what is known as a symbiotic relationship, of which there are many under the seas. Here are a few shots of these beautiful creations of Mother Nature.